Northrop Grumman Collaboration Demo Day -May 3

multivehicleOn May 8th, 2020, The PVMAC will be hosting the Northrop Grumman Collaboration Project Demo day, where students from both Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo will be demonstrating their multi-vehicle, autonomous search and rescue systems.   The field will be closed to open flying from 8am until 12pm that day, but will re-open to regular flying at 12pm.   We encourage you to come out and watch the student demonstrations.  Students from the local campuses such as Cal Poly Pomona and Cal state Fullerton regulary fly at the field and work on their automated systems, and we are proud to make our field available to them.   You can read more about the NGCP (Northrop Grumman Collaboration Project) at their website,

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