The Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) is an AMA Gold Leader Club that operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of R/C model airplane flying. The club is composed of approximately 400 members and currently enjoys two flying fields.

The club has a field in Prado Park in Chino, California, and a second field at the old Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California. The Prado field is approximately '800’ x  50’ with enough asphalt pit area to support 30 canopies. The Norton field is 490' x 50' and can support about 15 members in the pit areas at a time. Both fields are operated under the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) guidelines.


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2014  PVMAC Events      
  • October 4 - Classic Pattern Contest
    Prado  Airpark - Chino CA
  • October 24-26 - BIG JOLT West Coast RC Electric Event
    Prado  Airpark - Chino CA
  • December 7 - PVMAC Toys For Tots and Swap Meet
    Prado  Airpark - Chino CA
  • Dec 31 - PMVAC Membership Renewal Due Date
    Memberships renewals received after this date will 
    Pay the new Member rate of $200.


Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club

2015 Membership Information

updateThe Membership page has been updated with the new 2015 forms.  You must get your renewal form and dues in by December 31, 2014 to fly  on January 1st, 2015.

Please read the following information as it pertains to membership renewals for 2015.  

1. Current members who renew before 4:00 PM January 12, 2014 will continue to pay $80 for their PVMAC membership renewal.
2. New members signing up before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for membership and an additional $20 initiation fee to join the PVMAC.
3. Current 2013 members who do not renew before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 ini-tiation fee for a total of $200.
4. New members signing up after 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 initiation fee for a total of $200.
5. Past PVMAC members who did not renew in 2013 are considered new members. Applying for 2014 membership will cost $80 plus the $20 ini-tiation for signing up before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014.
6. Any past PVMAC member that did not renew in 2013 will be considered a new member and pay $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 for renewing after 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014.
7. If you mail in your membership, it must be postmarked by January 12, 2014 to receive the current rates.
8. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender. Any membership re-turned for insufficient payment will not be considered received by the deadline unless the application and correct payment is returned by the deadline. Membership renewal period for 2015 ends January 11, 2015. 
  1. The membership renewal period for 2015 ends January 11, 2015
  2. Any past PVMAC member that did not renew in 2014 will be considered a new member and pay the New membership rate of $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 .
  3. New members will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 initiation fee for a total of $200.
  4. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender.
  5. All 2015 renewals must be postmarked on or before January 11, 2015, with the correct amount of $80 included.   2015 Renewals will NOT be accepted after January 11, 2015 .  If you do not send your 2015 renewal in by January 11, 2015, you will be considered a new member and pay the new membership rate of $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 
  6. If you mail in your renewal membership, it must be postmarked by January 11, 2015 to receive the renewal rate.
  7. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender. Any membership re-turned for insufficient payment will not be considered received by the deadline unless the application and correct payment is returned by the deadline.

In addition, the PVMAC rules and regulations Page has been updated, and you will definatly want to make sure you read them.

As with last year, you must have a  fire extinguisher in the pit area in order to fly.    Read about the new Fire Extinguisher requirement here.

AMA Membership Join/Renewal Page





On Saturday September 20th, Chino airport will be hosting the AOPA convention. It is estimated that 500 transit aircraft will land and take off during the day. Due to the possibility of very dense traffic over the Prado model field the Board of Directors has voted to close the field. This is a gesture of being good neighbors and the continued support to the Chino tower.

The field will reopen on Sunday Morning for regular flying.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Classic Pattern Contest - October 4th

pattern planesOn Saturday October 4th, 2014, the  PVMAC is hosting a classic pattern contest at the Prado field. Entry fee is only $20.

Classic Pattern contests are held around the country and brings back competition of the 1970's and 1980's. Some of the participants will even fly with airplanes, radios and engines of the era - although this does not help with the scores.

Almost any 40 - 60 size airplane glow or electric is allowed to fly in the Pre-Novice and Novice classes. We are looking for a style of flying, one maneuver at a time as indicated on the attached call card. Can you fly a straight line? Can you roll? How about a loop - or 3 loops.

In the Advanced and Expert classes, we like to see an airplane more of the era. There are several ARF's that you can buy today, the most popular is probably the Phoenix 7 and the Dirty Birdy.

Classic Pattern Association ( is a site you might want to look at. There is a membership of $15.00 a year but membership is not required to join our event in October. The Site will also have a written description of all the maneuvers as well as the call cards. Click here to download the call card that we will be using and all classes will be flown. 
Note: U = the maneuver is flown upwind and D = the maneuver is to be flown down wind.

Last June, there was a Classic Pattern get together in Riverside. Two PVMAC members were there. I showed up with two electric Kwik Fli's flown with Kraft radios that I converted to 2.4. Brad Lang also brought some airplanes that he flies with Futaba Single stick radios converted to 2.4.

Look over the Call Card and come out and join us Saturday October 4th.

Cal Orr

Big Jolt 2014!!!

The PVMAC is hosting the 5th annual West Coast Big Jolt Electric RC Experience on Saturday October 25th, through Sunday October 26th 2014.  With this event now being held in late October, the temperatures are sure to be mild and battery friendly.

The BIG Jolt event is open to all electric Aircraft, Including EDF Jets So if it has batteries bring it out.  Helicopters and Quad roters are welcome, and will have a special time slot to fly each day.  The Pilot registration fee is $30.00 and includes the pilot raffle.  But if you pre-register, the fee is only $25, which is $10 less than last year, and the First 50 people who pre-register will receive an event Hat ($15 value).  Public admission is FREE, so bring your lawn chairs, and don't miss the action. This is an AMA sanctioned event and a current AMA membership is required.

Saturday Night- Oct 25th, starting at 6:30pm, A dinner will be at the field (food and prices to be announced).   

At 8:00pm, we will start our open night flying (no Contest this year, just a-lot of Fun).  So bring your Brightest LED lit plane and join in on the fun.  

Overnight on-site Dry Camping is available for a $10 fee, or you may try to reserve a Full Hookup camping spot at Prado Regional Park, which is less than 2 miles away.

We will be providing a manned central charging station  with power for up to 16 chargers, each  with 12v/16 Amps of output.  In addition to 12v power, we will also have 110Volt power strips at the station.  On the safety front, the flight line will have 2.5 gallon Halotron 1 fire extinguishers.  This is state of the art for any fire incidents without covering your aircraft with the destructive powder type extinguishers.  Food will served out of our new snack bar, keeping the food clean & hot, and drinks ice cold.  Vendors will also be onsite showing the latest and greatest electric RC products.

Free Event Hat to the first 50 people who Pre-Register on RC-Flight Deck
Save $5 By Pre-Registration is Now!
You Can now Pre-Register on RC Flight Deck and Pay-Pal!!!   

  • The Prado field will be closed to general flying starting on Saturday,  October 25th  through Sunday, October 26th until noon.
  • Current PVMAC members can join in on the Electric Flying Fun on sunday For Free!
  • Vendor area will open Saturday and Sunday.
  • Volunteers are needed, and signups are open on RC Flight Deck.  Clike Here if your interested.  You Will receive a Food wristband and 

Below is all the information you will need for the Big Jolt event, 

BIG JOLT Downloads





This event is made possibly by our 2014 Big Jolt Sponsors

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Click on images to enlarge
Power Station
Event Power Station
Charging Table
Event Charging Table
Prado Kitchen
New Prado Kitchen

Celebrate Nation Model Aviation Day, August 17, 2013

OCMA LogoThe OCMA (Orange County modelers Association) is inviting you to celebrate National Aviation Day along with the AMA at their charity fun fly event at the OCMA Bob Swenson Memorial Field (formerly Black Starr Field) on Saturday, August 17th, 2013.  Entry fee for a full day of fun is just $20 and all proceeds will benefit the Semper Fi Fund at Camp Pendelton.  There will be a noon time demo and raffle. Download the Flyer for more details or contact the CD: Randy Wilbur for details.

7th Annul Scale Squadron Fly-in Photos posted

SCALESQUADRONLOGO-300x202The  7th annual Scale Squadron Fly In, which was hosted by both the Scale squadron of Southern California and the PVMAC at Prado has come and gone, and  event was a great success.   There was a great turn out with close to 70 registered pilots that weekend, and as usual,  there were some amazing scale airplanes in the air and on the ground.  
In case you missed it, or you want to relive the weekend,

I've posted some picks of  just some of the impressive airplanes from the event, which you can CHECK OUT HERE... 

In Addition, You can check out these YouTube videos from the event.  
Video 1 Posted by Mike Curry
Video 2 Posted by Brad Algra


2013 7th Annual Scale Fly-In

The Scale Squadron of Southern California presents the 7th Annul Scale Fly-In on June 7-8-9, 2013 at our premier Prado flying Field in Chino, Ca.  This event is open to all Scale or stand-off planes, and will include Sport Scale, Built Up , ARFs, Kits, electric, glow, Gas and EDF Jets. Turbines and profile Aircraft are not included.  

Download the flyer here or check out all the info below.

Pre-Registration is now open! Click here to get signed up today.  PayPal is required.

If you have any qustions about this event, please contact Randy Wilbur the Contest Director by clicking here


Sponsors For the Scale Fly In

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ZAP_Logo230 goodwine_glass_logo_
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ScaleSquadron Fun Fly Flyer


10 Questions featuring Oscar Furlong

OscarFurlong1It has been a while since we have done a 10 questions Posting, and to be honest its difficult to get folks to offer their time to answer the questions.   Oscar Furlong however,  was gracious enough to spend a few minutes answering these questions.  Oscar Furlong is a frequent flyer at the Norton field, and has been a PVMAC member for 5 years.   Oscar also attends most monthly Club meetings, and while in attendace at these meetings, he seems to win something.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
    I am a motorcycle mechanic running a small shop with my two sons.
  2. How long have you been flying model airplanes?
    I have been in the hobby for 9 years. My dad used to buy  me plastic models when I was a kid.
  3. What was the first airplane you flew and how did it go?
    When I was 7, I made my own kites and rockets, but my first RC was a cox cesna 182.  I bought it on 1998 but I didn't fly it until 2003, and crashed it, of course.  3 months later I found an RC instructor at a local hobby store and he tought me to fly.
  4. What types of planes do you fly most of the time and why? (i.e. Scale. Sport, EDF, IMAC,  Pylon,  Float, 3D, Giant, etc.)
    3d, scale, edf's and helicopters, but now I focus on  helis.
  5. What is/are your most favorite aspects about being involved in this hobby?
    Building, I really like to build, and then see if it fly.
  6. Tell me about the airplane you enjoy flying most today?
    A 25% cap 232 gasoline, and a EDF hobbyking foammy shark
  7. What's the best memory you have since becoming involed in this hobby?
    too many, but all the events at the field are a great memories,
    Too many, but all the events at the field are a great memories.
  8. What is the biggest mistake you've made (in the Hobby), and what did you learn from it?
    I crashed a very nice P-47 because I did not check the receiver battery. Now i really take care of the batteries
  9. What are you working on now?
    An ultimate biplane 85cc gas engine.
  10. If you could fly in any real airplane, what would it be and why?
    I am planing on helicopter flight training to fly ultralight Helicopters. Why?  because the price of a small heli is like a big SUV,  and  I can transport in a trailer and storage it in my back yard. Oh, and I like helis.

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Upcoming Club Meetings

Club Board of Directors Meeting
Tue Oct 07 @ 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Norton Field Monthly Swap Meet
Sat Oct 11 @ 08:00AM -
Club General Meeting
Tue Oct 14 @ 07:00PM - 09:00PM


Norton Field

Humidity: 51%
Wind: N at 1 mph
Wednesday 69°F / 100°F Mostly sunny
Thursday 63°F / 90°F Sunny
Friday 64°F / 88°F Partly cloudy


Prado Field

Humidity: 73%
Wind: SE at 5 mph
Wednesday 68°F / 101°F Sunny
Thursday 63°F / 90°F Sunny
Friday 63°F / 86°F Partly cloudy