The Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) is an AMA Gold Leader Club that operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of R/C model airplane flying. The club is composed of approximately 400 members.

Our clubs field is located in Prado AirPark in Chino, California. The Prado field runway is approximately '800’ x  50’ with enough asphalt pit area to support 30 canopies and features unobstructed flying in all directions. You must either be a PVMAC member or be an AMA member and have obtained a $10 day pass at the prado field to fly there. A 400' flying ceiling is strictly enforced and a fire extinguisher is required.


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2015  PVMAC Events      
  • October 3-4 - Classic Pattern Contest
    Prado Airpark - Chino CA
  • October 23-25 2015 - Big Jolt
    Electric RC Experience
    Prado Airpark - Chino CA
  • December 6th - Toys for Tots
    Fun Fly Event and Swap Meet
    Prado Airpark - Chino CA

Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club

AMA FIA/Classic Pattern Contest - October 3rd & 4th

pattern planesOn Saturday October 3rd, 2015 and Sunday October 4th, the  PVMAC is hosting not one but two pattern events.  On Saturday, its an AMA/ FIA event, and sunday is a classic pattern contest.  Entry fee is $20 per day and AMA is required.  The snack bar will be open for lunch.  

Saturday Information:   
All AMA classes are offered.  FAI will fly 2 rounds "P" and 2 rounds "F"

Sunday Information:
Classic Pattern contests are held around the country and brings back competition of the 1970's and 1980's. Some of the participants will even fly with airplanes, radios and engines of the era - although this does not help with the scores.

NO PATTERN FLYING EXPERIENCE OR SPECIAL AIRPLANE REQUIRED...come try it out. Almost any 40 - 60 size airplane glow or electric is allowed to fly in the Pre-Novice and Novice classes. We are looking for a style of flying, one maneuver at a time as indicated on the attached call card. Can you fly a straight line? Can you roll? How about a loop - or 3 loops.

In the Advanced and Expert classes, we like to see an airplane more of the era. There are several ARF's that you can buy today, the most popular is probably the Phoenix 7 and the Dirty Birdy.

Classic Pattern Association ( is a site you might want to look at. There is a membership of $15.00 a year but membership is not required to join our event in October. The Site will also have a written description of all the maneuvers as well as the call cards. Click here to download the call card that we will be using and all classes will be flown. 
Note: U = the maneuver is flown upwind and D = the maneuver is to be flown down wind.

Look over the Call Card and come out and join us Saturday October 4th.

You can contact the CDThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info


2016 Membership Information

updateThe Membership page has been updated with the new 2016 forms.  You must get your renewal form and dues in by December 31, 2016 to fly  on January 1st, 2016.

Please read the following information as it pertains to membership renewals for 2016.  

1. Current members who renew before 4:00 PM January 12, 2014 will continue to pay $80 for their PVMAC membership renewal.
2. New members signing up before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for membership and an additional $20 initiation fee to join the PVMAC.
3. Current 2013 members who do not renew before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 ini-tiation fee for a total of $200.
4. New members signing up after 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014 will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 initiation fee for a total of $200.
5. Past PVMAC members who did not renew in 2013 are considered new members. Applying for 2014 membership will cost $80 plus the $20 ini-tiation for signing up before 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014.
6. Any past PVMAC member that did not renew in 2013 will be considered a new member and pay $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 for renewing after 4:00 PM PST January 12, 2014.
7. If you mail in your membership, it must be postmarked by January 12, 2014 to receive the current rates.
8. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender. Any membership re-turned for insufficient payment will not be considered received by the deadline unless the application and correct payment is returned by the deadline. Membership renewal period for 2016 ends January 11, 2016. 
  1. The membership renewal period for 2016 ends January 10, 2016
  2. Any past PVMAC member that did not renew in 2015 will be considered a new member and pay the New membership rate of $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 .
  3. New members will pay $80 for a new membership and an additional $120 initiation fee for a total of $200.
  4. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender.
  5. All 2016 renewals must be postmarked on or before January 10, 2016, with the correct amount of $80 included.   2016 Renewals will NOT be accepted after January 10, 2016 .  If you do not send your 2016 renewal in by January 10, 2016, you will be considered a new member and pay the new membership rate of $80 plus the $120 initiation fee for a total of $200 
  6. If you mail in your renewal membership, it must be postmarked by January 10, 2016 to receive the renewal rate.
  7. Any membership application received without the correct payment amount included will be returned to the sender. Any membership re-turned for insufficient payment will not be considered received by the deadline unless the application and correct payment is returned by the deadline.

In addition, the PVMAC rules and regulations Page has been updated, and you will definatly want to make sure you read them.

As with last year, you must have a  fire extinguisher in the pit area in order to fly.    Read about the new Fire Extinguisher requirement here.

AMA Membership Join/Renewal Page


Big Jolt 2015!!!

The PVMAC is hosting the 6th annual West Coast Big Jolt Electric RC Experience on Friday October 23rd, through Sunday October 25th 2015.  With this event now being held in late October, the temperatures are sure to be mild and battery friendly.   If you have been to any of the previous Big Jolt events in the past, you know that this event will be a great time and feature some amazing aircraft ad some superb pilots. Be Sure to Check out John Reid's  positive writeup in the March 2013 Issue of Electric Flight Magazine. (posted with permission from John Reid).  Also, watch Some videos featuring John Reid taken at the  inaugural Big Jolt event in 2010 on the Model Airplane News Event channel on Youtube.

The BIG Jolt event is open to all electric Aircraft, Including EDF Jets so if it has batteries bring it out.  The Pilot registration fee is just $30.00. Public admission is FREE, so bring your lawn chairs, and don't miss the action. This is an AMA sanctioned event and a current AMA membership is required.   Fire Extinguiser is Also Required.

There will be a Saturday night dinner at the field which will feature the Taco Man.  More Details to follow so check back soon.

At 7:30pm on Friday Night, we will start a night flying Contest.  So bring your Brightest LED lit plane and join in on the fun.  

Overnight on-site Dry Camping is available for a $10 fee, or you may try to reserve a Full Hookup camping spot at Prado Regional Park, which is less than 2 miles away.

We will be providing a manned central charging station  with power for up to 16 chargers, each  with 12v/16 Amps of output.  In addition to 12v power, we will also have 110Volt power strips at the station.  On the safety front, the flight line will have 2.5 gallon Halotron 1 fire extinguishers.  This is state of the art for any fire incidents without covering your aircraft with the destructive powder type extinguishers.  Food will served out of our snack bar, keeping the food clean & hot, and drinks ice cold.  Electric Vendors will also be onsite showing the latest and greatest electric RC products.

Click here to Pre-Register now!

  • The Prado field will be closed to general flying starting on Friday,  October 23rd  through Sunday, October 25th until noon.
  • Vendor area will open Saturday and Sunday.
  • Volunteers are needed, and signups are open on RC Flight Deck.  Clike Here if your interested.  You Will receive a Food wristband and 

Below is all the information you will need for the Big Jolt event, 

BIG JOLT Downloads






This event is also made possible by these 2015 Big Jolt Sponsors

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Event Power Station
{rokbox title=|Charging Table| album=|prado|}images/stories/photos/smDC_Charging_Table.jpg{/rokbox}
Event Charging Table
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New Prado Kitchen

June Meeting recap

IMG 1029We now have 400 members even

Chuck Pozonac, the PVMAC President, started the meeting off by talking about the Main Gate.   Chuck wants to make sure that everyone is locking the main gate if you’re the last to leave the Prado field. Even if you think there might be duck hunters still there, lock the gate to be safe.  All the Bells are all there now, so the gate is fully functional and should be locked.

The PVMAC was awarded a Commemorative AMA Brick at the cost of $1000 at the AMA site in Muncie Indiana  to be places in the AMA Walk of fame.  It will read  We are  PVMAC Charter 00142,    Gold Leader Club.   We are 1 of 2 clubs that have been awarded this brick. The other is from Weak signals club that puts on the Toledo show.

Tom Marcure talked about the newsletter, and clarified the rules for the drawing and submissions which have been posted on the website.     There will be 5 $100 prizes drawn at the end of the year.   See the newsletter and Website post for more details.

There was a complaint about loud music being played at the field and this is the first complaint of this kind.  There are no rules against it, but it is common courtesy to keep the volume low as not everyone has the same taste in music.

There was a fire extinguisher left at the field and it was brought up that putting your name on it might be a good idea.

Chuck has some regrettable news.  The Norton Field, which is home base for many of our PVMAC members, will no longer be available to fly at after July 31st.   the PVMAC  has been notified that we must vacate the field after that date.     We are working on ways to save it but it seems unlikely that we will be able to.  It has nothing to do with the FAA or the PVMAC Conduct at the field and everything to do with San Bernardino’s plans to increase operations at SBIA.  We are lucky to have been able to fly there for this long.  

Click below to read the rest of the Meeting Summary

Read more: June Meeting recap

Volunteer Writers Needed


Your PVMAC newsletter, Flightine, is still in need of an editor.  Tom Marcure, who is on the PVMAC board has been filling in as Editor-in-chief and Tom Callahan has been doing the writing for the last few months.  The two Toms and The board realizes that this is a-lot of work for one person to put the newsletter together and come up with interesting content every month.  In fact it is a-lot of work for two people to do.  Especially when we each have demanding jobs, demanding families and we like to fly occasionally too. 

CloseAirSupportEveryone in our club wants a newsletter every month that is interesting , informative,  educational,  and occasionally on-time.  We also don't want to put the entire burden on one or two people, as this will most  lead to quick burn-out and is certainly not conducive to meeting the desired goals of our newsletter.  To that end, the board has agreed to "CALL IN AIR SUPPORT!" so to speak.   We are asking for volunteers to help out by  contributing an article to the newsletter.   And for your efforts you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of five $100 cash prizes at our December club meeting.  For each article you contribute, you will receive one ticket into the drawing.  And although you are welcome and encouraged to contribute more than one article per month, you will only receive one ticket per month.

Articles can be about anything RC airplane , helicopter, or multi-rotor related and here are just a few ideas that may spark your writing creativity.   You can do a write up and review of an ARF you bought and flew, a new scratch build your working on, or new piece of equipment (charger, radio etc.) you acquired are now using. Perhaps you can share some wisdom on a particular skill or technique with a great step by step how-to guide.  If you’re an active competitor in one of the many flying competitions, perhaps you can share with us how to get started, or what the competition entails or how to be competitive in the sport.   Maybe you know someone in the RC industry and would like to interview them.   Or you may do a write up and review of an RC event that you attended.  The story of your plane crash can certainly result in a good article, especially if you include the sequence of events leading up to the incident, the investigation, lessons learned and preventative measure.  And winning the raffle at the end of the year can certainly help take some of the edge off your P.T.C.D. (Post Tremendous Crash Depression).   These are just a few Ideas that would make our Flightline newsletter interesting, informative and  educational and a newsletter that everyone looks forward to receiving each month.

For those of you who regularly attend the monthly club meetings , you know that participants of the show-and-tell each month get entered into a raffle for a chance to win either a  $250 or $350 Visa gift card at the end of the year.   If you participate in that drawing, You may consider also doing a write-up of the same subject for this drawing.  This will give you yet another opportunity to win in the separate newsletter drawing.

The article submission drawing rules are as follows:

  1. For each month that you submit one or more articles, you will be entered in the year end drawing.
  2. You can only receive one entry per month.
  3. Valid articles that are submitted, but not used in the newsletter will still receive one entry for the month in which they were submitted.
  4. Articles may not always be used in the month for which they were received.
  5. In order to qualify for an entry, your article must be approved for publication by the editor. If your article is not accepted, you will be notified why it was not accepted. Articles will generally only be rejected due to content not in line with the spirit of the modeling hobby.
  6. All decisions concerning article acceptance are final.
  7. Five entries will be drawn at the December General Membership Meeting. Each winner will receive $100. You can only win one prize per year. If we have less than five entries for any drawing, the ad- ditional prizes will not be awarded.

If you would like to submit an article for the newsletter,  You can email them to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and both Toms will receive it and review it for the upcoming publication.   It is best to send a Microsoft Word document that has all of your photos included and formatted how you would like to see them.  However if you don’t have access to a word processing program that can produce these document, you can just send the email in text format and attach the photos and we will do our best to make it look good.  If you would like to have your article submitted for the upcoming newsletter,  it should be received by the end of the month or it will probably go into the following months Newsletter.     Articles should have a title, should be at least a couple of paragraphs long, and 1 or 2 photos are encouraged but not required. 

May 2015 Club Meeting Recap

201505IMG 0920Roy Barringer read the minutes from April meeting.
Bill Sheets read the treasury report.

399 members, there were a couple new ones
41 members We’re at the Meeting,
Chuck started off the meeting by giving thanks to the cooks at the PVMAC event, Bob and Steve Gamble, who cooked all weekend with smoke in their eyes.
Chuck reported that the flight line ran smoothly at the Wings over Prado and there were no complaints from the tower.
The event made a bit of money, and everyone had a great time.

Chuck also gave a huge thanks to Randy and Joni for organizing the Wings over Prado event.

Joni and Randy then spoke about the event, and appreciated the members involvement at the event. 31 of the 58 registered pilots were PVMAC club members, which was over 50%. We had pilots from all over; 3 pilots from the bay area, 3 from Vegas, 1 from Fresno, and 3 from San Diego, Hesperia, and Camarillo. Donations for the raffle were provided by Hobby Club USA, Hobby people, Perfect Pilots, and RTL fasteners. Randy Gave a full recap of the event, and was extremely pleased with the outcome.
A plaque was Awarded to Paul Smith for Winning the best detailed ARF with is A-10 Warthog at the event.

Click below to read the rest of the Meeting Summary

Read more: May 2015 Club Meeting Recap

Scale Squadron's Warbirds and Classics


Wings Over Prado 2015 Recap

wings over prado 2015 logo 300The Wings Over Prado Scale Fun Fly Event has come and gone, and was a huge success.   Dispite the weather trying its best to put a damper on things, pilots and spectators alike managed to have a great time catching up with old friends, making new ones, and of course flying.  

With 55 registered pilts there were plenty of great looking aircraft everywhere you look in the air and on the ground.  It was amazing to see the craftmanship and attention to detail on so many of the models, and Large Scale models were very popular this year.  It was also nice to see there was an even mix of Electric and gas models flying throughout the weekend.  

Fridays weather was a bit cold, and the winds kicked up a bit in the late morning, but the rain stayed away which made for a good day of flying.  By Saturday, everyone was ready to kick it into high gear, with all the Pilot stations full most of the time.   Saturdays weather, was much the same, until about 2:30pm when the rain finally decided to hit Prado field,  But by then almost everyone had their fill of great flying.   There were some great prizes that were raffled off in a hurry due to the impending rain, but many folks went home happy with some new toys.   

The only bummer was that the evening banquet at the field had to be canceled due to the cold and rainy weather.  But that doesn't mean that people went hungry.  The grill was going from morning until afternoon, turning some of the best pancakes, burgers and hot dogs, along with some great french fries thanks to a portable deep fryer.  

Sunday made was the best day weather wise for flying and the people who remained enjoyed the best weather that southern california has to offer and no one seemed eager to go home. 

The usual group of volunteers turned up to help make the event a success, but this time around we had many more spectators than usual.  There were many familar faces coming out to support the club, as well as some new ones coming out to see what all the excitement was about. The PVMAC and Board would like to thank everyone who helped make this event possible. A special thanks goes  to Joni Whitsitt and Randy Wilber for thier dedication and tremendous effort in putting this event together, as without thier tireless dedication, this event would not have happened.   

Here is a list of the awards Given out at the event.

1st Place Bi-Plane: Rich Pandis, Fokker D7thumb 7L1V4997 211
1st Place Civilian: Kyle Goodwine, Circus 22 thumb 7L1V5022 211
1st Place Multi-Engine: Keith Costas, Martin B-10thumb P4250446
1st Place EDF Jet: Bret Hecht, Bryon F-15thumb 7L1V3687 211
1st Place Detailed ARF: Paul Smith, A-10 Warthog
1st Place Military: Chris Wolfe, Mirage III RS EDFthumb 7L1V2443 211
2nd Place Military: Chris Spangenberg, Newport 28thumb 7L1V4483 211
3rd Place Military: Gregg Minden, Tucanothumb 7L1V2774 211
1st Place People's Choice: Rich Pandis, Skymaster F-4 Phantom EDFthumb 7L1V4995 211
2nd Place People's Choice: Bret Hecht, Bryon F-15thumb 7L1V5072 211


We have a photo gallery up with Tons of great photos provided courtisy of Larry Griffiths a.k.a. twoeleven. He has a great eye and the photos are tac sharp thanks to his high end gear, so I know you'll enjoy them as much as I have, Thank you Larry.   

2015 Wings Over Prado Gallery. 

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